Tsukemen and Kombu @ Kashiwa Ramen

Kashiwa is serving up many delicious bowls of noodles. I recently had the opportunity to try their signature Tsukemen and Kombu ramen.

The noodles are chilled, thick, and served with lime. Meat toppings are chicken and pork. The broth is thicker than their normal broth and has a stronger bonito flavor to it. The broth is topped with onions, egg, bamboo. This is a hearty bowl so make sure that you bring an empty stomach to finish this bad boy.
This is the Kombu (Sea Kelp) ramen topped with chicken. Without the chicken this bowl is vegetarian friendly. It’s served with lime, spicy yuzu paste, and yum kelp. This is one of my favorite vegetarian options.

If you are interested in other menu items I recommend you check out my previous post on their Matcha Tsukemen, Black Garlic Ramen, and Chicken Ramen.

Kashiwa Ramen



Monday – Sunday 11am – 9pm