Matcha Tsukemen @ Kashiwa Ramen in Costa Mesa

When it comes to my weekly ramen consumption, I’m always on the look out for something new and unique. This week I found something at one of my favorite establishments in Orange County, Kashiwa Ramen. This particular bowl is a departure from their signature tori paitian ramen that I love. It was awesome so continue reading to find out more.

This is their signature ramen with pork topping. It’s a rich and creamy tori paitan. Tori patian is creamy chicken based soup. But this post isn’t about this bowl. You can read about the other bowls on a previous post here and here.
The broth is warm. The noodles can be served hot or cold. You can select from chicken or pork topping. I couldn’t decide on pork or chicken so I requested both. That’s a pro move folks. Make sure to squeeze the lime all over the noodles prior to dipping into the broth.
Super dark and vibrant green color makes for a great photo. I’ve never had anything like this before so I couldn’t wait to dive in.
Before diving in to dipping the noodles make sure you squeeze that lime all over the noodles.
Grab those noodles.
Mix the noodles in the broth. I can tell they are using a high quality version of matcha in their recipe. This makes for a perfect balance of bitterness and saltiness in the soup. The egg was slightly smokey.
Get that healthy coating of broth on noodles. Then slurp it up.

The great news is that this sounds like it’s going to be a regular menu item from now on. But don’t wait to try, get over there now and get your slurp on.

If you need further validation of the legitimacy of this ramen shop, check out their awards in OC weekly.

Check out my instagram post if you are interested in seeing the videos of this delicious bowl.

Kashiwa Ramen

1420 Baker Street Costa Mesa CA


Monday – Sunday 11:30am-9pm