Citrus Ramen @ Orange Tei

If you find yourself in the Anaheim area and craving some unique ramen, I recommend checking out the Citrus Ramen @ Orange Tei.

Orange Tei is situated on the top floor of a new and modern food court called Anaheim Packing House. These types of food courts are becoming popular. The greatest thing about these food courts is that everyone in your party can eat something different. I found a wide variety of shops that should satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

Orange Tei Menu
Appetizer menu items at Orange Tei
Orange Tei Menu
Ramen menu at Orange Tei
Orange Tei Menu
Sushi menu at Orange Tei
Ramen Zac standing out front
Practicing safe measures while we still face COVID-19 pandemic. You may also be wondering about my awesome shirt. I picked it up from a fellow ramen nerd a few years ago. David Chan is a home ramen chef that publishes his recipes at You should visit if you are interested in some home ramen recipe.
Citrus ramen. Starts with clear chicken broth, orange yuzu, spinach, beansprouts, thin noodles and pork chashu.
Cirtus ramen noodles
If you look carefully you can see the ingredient that makes the bowl unique. A little sliver of yellow yuzu citrus gives the bowl a fresh citrus flavor profile.
Pork chashu was thick and well cooked. Melted in my mouth.

Orange Tei


Monday – Sunday 12–3PM, 4–8PM