Ramen and Friends

Below are some additional sources of ramen that you may find useful as you hunt for your next bowl.

Ramen Directory – The largest single directory of ramen all over the United States. Showcasing excellent ramen photography along with details you’re looking for when trying to decide on what bowl you want to crush next. Building this out is my current focus.

Voyage LA – A local platform high lighting stories featuring the best of local creators. Check out this story if you are interested in reading about how my ramen obsession was born. You can read my follow up story on being a full time ramen nerd.

Oishii-desu – An excellent source for those looking for Japanese food and culture coverage in Orange County. You can also see what I have to say about 3 awesome ramen shops in Orange Country and great instant ramen options.

Ramen Beast – Personally my favorite ramen stories to watch on IG. Check out the his IG stories and you’ll see the inspiration of my IG ramen stories.

Ramen Adventures – A great website for in-depth details on ramen shops all over Japan. He also has a ton of great YouTube videos. Hopefully he’ll begin producing more YouTube videos soon.

5am Ramen – A great website offering up insights to the ramen scene in Japan. Frank also offers ramen tours that appears to be great for larger groups of budding “ramen heads”.

Ramen Culture – Mark is a passionate ramen head that is based on the east coast.