The Ultimate Vegetarian Ramen Guide for Los Angeles

Why did I create this list?

The most frequent inquiry I get from people looking for ramen recommendations in Los Angeles is people looking for the best vegetarian ramen options. Below is a list of places that I’ve enjoyed. This list is in no particular order and organized by location. This list will evolve, so make sure you bookmark it and revisit.

What is the criteria for ramen on this list?

The single rule for this list is that I’ve had it myself. This list will grow as I experience all the vegetarian ramen options in Los Angeles.

Westside/Sawtelle Blvd

Vegetarian Ramen @ Killer Noodle

This shop is known for their spicy creations. But, I’ve recently discovered that they are offering up a delicious bowl that isn’t served with any heat. This vegetarian option is topped with fried garlic, white, and black pepper.

Downtown Los Angeles

OG Vegan Ramen @ Robin Hood

Sunflower seed broth serves as the base to this bowl. Topped with bean sprouts, scallions, bok choy, king oyster mushrooms, nori, and chili threads. The soy egg was an add on.

Red Miso @ Hachioji Craft & Vegan Ramen

It’s topped with carrots, bean sprouts, and onions. The soup is a special blend of Hokkaido miso. It’s red but not spicy at all.

Garnet Vegan @ Rakkan Ramen

The Garnet Vegan from Rakkan. This starts with their signature vegetable broth with miso added. It’s topped with corn, green onions, mushrooms and tofu. The noodles are round, thin, and it looks like they have some buckwheat in them. These were easily slurp able. This bowl left me really satisfied and I’m sure it will leave you feeling the same.

Santa Monica

Amber Ramen @ Rakkan Ramen

The bowl pictured has pork and egg topping so it’s not vegetarian. However, with this chain of shops their broths start with olive oil and vegetables. So each of their ramen options can be made vegetarian or even vegan friendly. This chain also has two other locations in DTLA or Redondo Beach.

Beverly Hills

Vegan Soba @ Kazan

This broth has hints of kelp and mushrooms. It has just a hint of sweetness. They make their noodles in house.

Venice/Marina Del Ray

Vegetable Ramen @ Venice Ramen

This vegetable ramen is topped with onion, carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, mushrooms, corn and green onions. This broth isn’t sweet like veggie soba at Kazan nor does it have the kelp flavor that is prevalent in the Kashiwa Kombu. A healthy portion of long thin noodles will fill you up. I recommend adding some garlic to kick it up, but it doesn’t really need that to be honest.

Buena Park

Vegan Miso Ramen @ Ramen and Tsukemen TAO

I recommend that you add the seaweed flakes and fresh cracked pepper to this bowl.

The Valley/Studio City

Flying Vegan Harvest @ Jinya Ramen Bar

The Flying Vegan Harvest. Vegan miso broth, soy meat, tofu, bean sprouts, broccolini, green onion, corn, red onion, crispy garlic, and chili oil. Served with thick noodles. This bowl is clocking in at nearly 1000 calories, so if you want to be vegetarian and get those calories this bowl is for you. I really enjoyed the broccolini. I think it’s fried and really liked it.

Torrance/South Bay

Vegan Miso @ Josui Ramen

Creamy organic soy broth enriched with special whipped vegan miso. The toppings include mixed greens, radish, menma, green onions, corn, and bean sprouts. The broth is creamy. With a hint of nuttiness to it. The noodles are chewy and distinct from the hard and thin noodles used in their other bowls. This is a hearty that will leave you satisfied.