Black Garlic Ramen @ Kashiwa in Costa Mesa

On my previous visit, I had their chicken ramen.  On this visit, I had the opportunity to meet up with a fellow ramen head to discuss our passion for ramen.

From the inside, they’ve got some cool signage all over their walls.

Kashiwa ramen menu.

I love places that allow you to order like this. Just circle (or highlight in this case) what you want and easily customize.

This black garlic ramen is pretty amazing. A rich garlic flavor permeates the broth but doesn’t overwhelm. The chashu melts in your mouth. Hard straight noodles. TASTY 🙂

Kashiwa Ramen

1420 Baker Street, Costa Mesa CA


Monday – Sunday 11:30am-9pm


Phone+1 (657) 232-0223