Shio Tonkotsu and Kai-Shio @ Ramen Jidaiya

If you are craving a bowl of ramen and find your self in Gardena this shop should be on your list to try. With several different styles to chose from, I think that you’ll find something to satisfy your ramen craving.

Ramen Jidaiya menu is extensive. This is the first page.
Ramen Jidaiya menu, the second page.
Ramen Jidaiya menu, the third page.
Ramen Jidaiya menu, the 4th page.
Ramen Jidaiya menu, the 5th page.
Ramen Jidaiya menu, the sixth page.
The special menu
The Shio Tonkotsu with chashu. The broth is pork based and the oils are a mixture of seafood and salt (shio). Topped with a perfect egg, spinach, scallions, sesame seeds, bonito flakes, and seaweed. The chashu was melt in my mouth tender. The noodles are thick.
This is the Kai-Shio (Shellfish) ramen. The broth is chicken and clams. The oil is a salt (shio) base. It has Turban shell, Abalone, Asari clam, scallop, and seaweed. Served with thick noodles.
Up close you can see the healthy serving of the shell fish.

Jidaiya Ramen


Monday – Sunday 11:30am – 9:30pm