Blue Ramen @ Kazan

Visually, this seasonal item from Kazan is the most unique bowl of ramen in Los Angeles. It’s rare to find blue pigment in foods naturally. If you try to create a list of foods in which blue is the naturally occurring pigment it will be a shortlist for sure.

The inspiration behind the blue in this bowl is to match the usually blue skyline and blue waters of the ocean in Los Angeles.

Kazan Beverly Hills starter menu.
Kazan Beverly Hills Soba and Ramen menu.
Blue ramen special release menu
The clear both is a chicken base that is complimented with a strong buttery flavor. The blue comes from a secret blend of minerals that the chef wouldn’t disclose. Topped with chicken chashu, salmon caviar, micro greens, and soft boiled egg. Paired with thick and thin noodles.
Up close you can see the salmon caviar and micro greens much clearer.


Saturday – Sunday 12pm – 9pm

Monday – Friday 5pm – 9pm