Vegan Red Ramen at Hachioji Craft Ramen in DTLA

I was craving a bowl of miso this weekend and figured I would check this place out. It’s located near several other quality shops that I’ve written about here and here.

This miso was great. It was a bit sweeter than I’m used to. I think that’s from the all vegan broth that would be cooked with nothing but vegetables. I could see the strips of carrots, so that definitely leads to the sweetness. While slightly sweet they still manage to make the broth flavor full and I was totally satisfied. I added a slice of pork to my vegan ramen. The noodles were very slurpable.

We also ordered fried gyoza sticks. Pretty unusual. But very tasty. On the outside it was like a fried spring roll, but the inside was like gyoza.

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Front the front

The ramen options

The vegan red

My wife got the shoyu

The sticks.