Pearl Ramen at Rakkan Ramen in Little Tokyo DTLA

This place is doing something very unique. See, most people are accustomed to broth that is based on pork in the US. But here, they are doing their broth with lots of vegetables and olive oil. This is very different from those pork (aka tonkotsu) broths that are popular here.

We went with their top sellers today. Both were light, but still really flavorful. It must be that umami. When I come back I’ll be trying their tomotato and miso styles. They look awesome and are probably a bit more rich, which is they way I prefer my ramen.

We tried to order karaage, however they informed us they had run out of chicken. I was so annoyed. Seriously, who is running the kitchen supplies??? So we resorted to gyoza. And we weren’t disappointed. It looks like they deep fried the gyoza. Plus, they give you this tomato, garlic, onion, and something I couldn’t figure out dip. Was really good. It had the consistency of pico de gallo. But flavor was great for gyoza.

You hear the work Umami used a lot in regards to flavors in food. I think of it as deliciousness. They are using lots of Umami in their ramen. This place really sticks out for that.

If you pay close attention to the description of the bowls, you can see that they can make the bowls vegan friendly. This is because their broth is made with olive oil (as opposed to pork bones for example) and they add pork as a topping. They don’t add the pork or egg if you request vegan version. Great for those who wish to remain strict vegan but want great ramen.

This is the Pearl ramen as it comes out. Looks delicious. You can see the oils.

Digging in…

Getting my slurp on…

This is the gyoza with that pico de gallo type of sauce. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s really good though. I like how the gyoza came out. Crispy on the outside.

My work here is done….

Rich Flavor – Natural Ramen. I get that feeling with this place.

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