Tsukemen at DTLA Ramen in Downtown Los Angeles

After shopping at The Row DTLA I swung by this noodle establishment.  It was less than a mile away, and since I was totally exhausted from shopping at my new favorite store, Banks Journal, I needed my fix.  Stopping here was a no brainer. I’ve been here before for their tsukemen ( pronounced “ski – men”), but didn’t take any pictures or videos.  I remember it being great, so I ordered the same thing.

The ACE hotel, which is a local landmark, is just across the street. It has a really cool roof top lounge/bar that I recommend checking out.

Something that sets this place apart from other ramen shops around is the way you order. You order at the main counter, take a number, and find a seat. A few minutes later you get the goods. The have a solid collection of beers.

When you get the tsukemen, the broth comes out boiling hot. This is also unique. Other places deliver hot or warm broth with your dipping noodles, but here it’s coming to you sizzling…. The noodles are thick and chewy, broth comes out with chunks of pork, bamboo, green onions, the seasoned egg is injected with something delicious, and a side of lime.  The serving size of noodles is very healthy, even for us larger folks.  The gyoza is only second to Venice Ramen, which I’ve previously written on here. It’s really large and tastes fresh. The stuffing seems handmade and they provide you with dipping oil that is phenomenal.

On the web @ http://dtlaramen.com/

Located @ 952 S. Broadway, Los Angeles CA 90015

You know from the outside you have arrived.

Note their hours of operation.

The menu. Lots of options.

The beer selection is unique. If you look behind the counter, you’ll see others as well.

Cool neon behind the counter.

Complimentary beverages

The gyoza. So good.

Dipped in that oil. It’s hard to explain the oil. You’ll just have to try for yourself.

See the inside of the gyoza. It’s like they hand stuff it so it tastes refreshing.

The tsukemen. You can see the steam coming off the broth.

They give you healthy serving of noodles. You’ll likely not need a refill, but they offer that.

The seasoned egg. I’m not sure what they inject it with, but it’s really good. And if you don’t like soft boiled eggs they offer a hard cooked egg.

Towards the end of the meal…You can see the chunk of pork.

My work here is done.

Last but not least, I continue to work on my video editing skills.

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