Tai Ramen @ Iki Ramen in Korea Town

While I do have a favorite style, what I really love and appreciate about ramen is all of the variety that is available. The broths can be based off pork, chicken, soy, or salt bases. The noodles can be thin, thick, round, flat, straight, or curley. Toppings can be endless. This adds up to a limitless number of combinations.

This Tai ramen is a seasonal bowl that Iki Ramen has produced a couple of times. On my previous attempts to order this they were always sold out. On this particular visit, I confirmed with the shop owner that they still had some and they were willing to keep some aside for me when I visited on Saturday.

The special on their menu as you walk in.
With all the social distancing orders still in place they’ve made it easy to minimize touching menus and needing to interact with staff. If you scan this QR code you can order from your phone.
The Tai Ramen as it comes out.
Up close you can see thin round noodles, light green sprouts, dark green seaweed, and the seared sea bream fish.
From another angle.
The lightly seared sea bream fish. This bowl had a really fresh fish flavor that wasn’t overpowering. It was a perfect seafood inspired bowl of ramen. It left me feeling refreshed and engergized.

This shop has lots of really high end food and drinks. Even if you aren’t feeling like ramen you will find something delicious here.

If you are interested in their other ramen options you can read about it here and here.