Wagyu Ramen @ Iki Ramen in Korea Town

After a studio tour at near by Paramount Studios, I decided to take my Dad to Iki Ramen. Iki happens to be just a few minutes south of the studio. I’ve been to this shop previously and written about it here. I can tell that the owner really cares about producing quality bowls of ramen.

I saw this Wagyu Ramen on Instagram and couldn’t wait to try it.

How does this look? I love the colors on top. Red from the beef, purple from the onion, white and yellow from the egg, brown from the bamboo, and green from the scallions.
Up close you can see the delicious looking marbling of fat in the beef.

Another cool thing about this shop is that they periodically do some kind of special or seasonal ramen. Every time I’ve come here, there is something new on the menu to try out. That’s another great reason to repeat a visit to this shop.