Vegan Soba @ Kazan in Beverly Hills

Rarely do I indulge my self in purely vegan dishes. But, I am an omnivore and I’m always willing to try new things.  Right before LA paused dine in service this week I was able to enjoy some dine in deliciousness at one of my favorite establishments.  Behold the Vegan Soba.

Making sure to use the mask while waiting inside. Their noodle machine is in that room behind me.
Lotus root chips. Marinated in rice vinegar with Himalayan pink salt, Japanese seven spices, and Peruvian chili dip sauce.
Light broth made with kelp and mushrooms. Topped with fresh greens, onions, red pepper, tofu, and a side of fresh grated ginger. This was a little sweet. The sweetness tends to happen with vegan/vegetarian broths. All of those veggies do have some sugar in them and when you simmer them all together it brings out that sugar. 
Up close and personal with the greens and tofu, which were nice.
There were two sizes of noodles. Both were flat, but one was a little wider than the other. Making it a challenge to get that smooth slurp. They make their on noodles daily so they are delicious.

I felt light, refreshed, and satisfied when finishing this bowl. This is a high quality vegan option that I’d eat again, if the mood is right.  Check them out folks.


111 N La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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