Ginger Soy Sauce Ramen @ Ramen & Tsukemen Tao

I usually get out once a week for ramen. But, with the recent stay at home orders across the nation due to the COVID-19 pandemic it’s been impossible to get out like I used to. Over the last couple of months I’ve only ordered out from a handful of shops to try and satisfy my ramen cravings.

While what I’ve been ordering has been good I’ve realized that part of a great ramen experience is getting the bowl severed pipping hot right out of the kitchen. It really detracts from the bowl when you have to transport the toppings, broth, and noodles home and reheat prior to combining everything in my own bowl. Take-out ramen is no where near as good as dine-in ramen.

Below is the special for the month from one of my favorite shops. This shops focus is on miso ramen and tsukemen. But, in this months special they’ve changed it up by pairing shoyu (soy sauce) and ginger. It’s only here for the month of May. If you want to try something that you can’t get any where in LA I recommend you try it out for yourself.

The combination of soy and ginger gives this bowl a distinct and slightly bitter flavor. That’s what you expect when you combine soy and ginger.
The noodles and toppings are separated from the broth while you transport it home. When you open the lid the smell of ginger is really prominent. It’s very refreshing.
They serve the yellow, thick, and chewy noodles that accompany their other signature bowls.
Tender chashu that falls apart in your mouth and has a great crust on the edges.

This shop is making it easy to order online directly from their own website. For those of you new to ramen I highly recommend their red, white, or tsukemen for your first bowl. If you’re a ramen regular then try their ginger soy ramen that is available for the month of May only.