Burnt Garlic Tonkotsu and Yuzu Shio @ Iki Ramen in Korea Town

Iki Ramen is a new comer to the area. I think it’s been open a couple of months.  I was recently here for a ramen pop up event that involved the owner of Iki and Mark (aka @ramen_culture).  This post isn’t about that pop up. I’ll write about it later.  This post is about my first visit to this shop. 

It’s in a tiny shopping center so parking is a challenge. But it’s worth the work to find parking. On the outside it doesn’t look like much, but it’s very new and modern on the inside.

They have an extensive modern menu with an excellent selection of adult beverages. Come here for the ramen or anything else. They are executing many things on their menu very well. 

A little behind the scenes here. You can see my camera with a new lens. It’s one of those wide angle lenses that you can clip on to your phone. 

This was a little pork bun with fried shrimp. It was really good.

This is the yuzu shio. Fantastic bowl. Really refreshing.  If you come here, I think this is what you should order.

This is the burnt garlic tonkotsu. It was good, but the ramen that I wanted wasn’t available on this visit so I had to settle for this one.  I also notice on my most recent visit that this wasn’t on the menu anymore. I suspect that they are keeping the ramen menu updated and rotating items on and off.