Ramen Josui and Kosoba Shoyu Ramen in Torrance

This place recently opened and I have to thank my wife for this find. She discovered it randomly on one of the blogs that she occasionally reads. It’s got a quiet and modern feel to it. We sat at the counter which felt really spacious.  Everyone that served us was friendly.

The view from outside the shop.

The hours of operation and a glimpse inside.

The Josui Ramen menu. I got the “Josui Ramen”, which is their signature and added an egg. My wife order the “Kosoba Shoyu”.

The signature ramen. The soup base was really flavorful and the oils were really present after I slurped up the noodles. I really enjoy soups that are made from chicken and pork.  There is a hint on fish flavor which really comes out at the end of your slurp.  The noodles were round, thin, and hard.

The noodles are thin and round. They paired really well with the soup.

Pictured below is the the “Kosoba Shoyu” ramen. It starts with the pork and chicken stock and garlic oil is added.  This was was missing that fish flavor at the end in their signature “Josui Ramen”.

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Ramen Josui


Monday – Sunday 11:30AM–2PM, 5:30–9:30PM