Original Style @ Killer Noodle

This is my third visit to Killer Noodle. You can read my previous reviews here and here.

I went with Original Style this time. I picked spicy level 3 and added poached egg, pork, and cilantro.  This style is different from the Downtown or Tokyo styles they offer. This one doesn’t have the peanut butter or sesame flavors. Pepper sticks out to me, and it gives it a unique spiciness.  You can balance it out with the lemon juice from the lemon they provide. It’s really amazing.  The broth less version that I got is good for those that want something a little dryer. And just to clarify, it does have some broth. It’s not totally dry, but has much less broth than w/ broth versions.  Noodles are thick and chewy.

I highly recommend getting all of the toppings.

Make sure that you mix up all the toppings really well. You’ll want to get each of those flavors in every bite.

Killer Noodle



Monday – Sunday 11AM–9:30PM



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