OG Vegan Ramen @ Ramen Hood in DTLA

This was my first experience with vegan ramen. To be honest, I’ve gone by this place many times and I’ve really resisted trying it. The idea of “vegan” ramen just didn’t appeal to me.  But, I finally worked up the courage and plan to try this place.  The plan was for my wife and I to share one bowl. That way, if it was awful we wouldn’t feel bad about eating else where in Grand Central Market.


Located @ 317 S Broadway, Los Angeles CA 90013

On the web @ https://www.ramenhoodla.com/


This place is one of the many places located inside of the open air market that is Grand Central Market.  This is a great place to come with people because everyone can eat something different.  Just walk over to one of the vendors and meet your friends back over at any of the common tables around.


Here is Ramen Hood.

Egg Slut in the background ALLWAYS has a line around their entire stand.

This is the OG ramen.  It’s got a sunflower seed broth, bean sprouts, scallions, bok choy, king oyster mushrooms, nori, chili threads, and a vegan egg. The broth is really flavorful and the sunflower seed flavor really sticks out. I’ve never experienced this flavor profile before.

I think this vegan egg is something that was turning me off to this place from the beginning. But, I was really curious so I added it to my bowl when I pulled up to the counter to order.

I didn’t care for it at all. I love regular eggs, and this was just an imposter made from seasoned soy. Next time, I’ll have the ramen with out the egg. I think vegans will like the egg. But, if you like eggs like I do, I don’t think you’ll like the feeling of this.

The noodles were from Sun Noodles. They are a big supplier to many shops and they have quality product.  But, I felt like the noodles were a little soft. I asked the lady taking my order if they could hard cook my noodles, and she looked at me like I was asking her to divide by zero. She just couldn’t process that and said “we only cook the noodles one way”. Ok, fine…..

I’ll be back, but I’ll try their garlic or spicy ramen next time. With out the egg. 🙂