Tantanmen @ Josui Ramen in Torrance

This place had recently reopened after having been closed for a couple of months. It was a mystery as to why they had shut down with out any notice. I had a really good experience when I was here last and it had lots of positive reviews on Yelp.

I’ve come to find out they they were closed because they were waiting for their head chef to return. You have to respect any shop that shuts down while the head chef is out. Sounds like they only want to provide the highest quality ramen and are willing to forgo a couple of months of revenue to keep their standard.

This is the updated Josui menu.

The tantanmen has a strong sesame flavor with mountain peppers that give this bowl a unique flavor. I’m a big fan of sesame because it reminds me of peanut butter.

You can read about my preview visit here.

Ramen Josui

2212 Artesia Blvd ste b, Torrance, CA 90504


Monday – Sunday 11:30AM–2PM, 5:30–9:30PM