Ramen Factory by Yamadaya in Torrance

Update as of August 2020. This location is closed.

Yamadaya has several locations in the LA area. Their “Factory” location is in Torrance. Check it out….

They open at 11:30 on Sundays. We arrived early and even knocked on the window since it was few minutes past 11:30 and they still hadn’t opened their doors. I even called them. Someone finally came to let us in.

On the web @ https://www.ramen-yamadaya.com/

They have a cool mural on the wall. A bowl of ramen and recipe for  broth.  Like me “strong man” posing?

They have competition across the street. Haven’t been here yet.

Hours of operation


Proper care and attention to hot ramen. This is a good policy.

Various media attention. They’ll probably have a Ramen Zac post up there at some point.

It’s called “factory” because the inside has the theme of a factory. Lots of exposed ceilings and corrugated metal.

Karage, it’s delicious.

Pictured here is the Shio Yamadaya Special Ramen. Char-broiled chashu, shrimp wonton, tamago, menma, mizuna, and dry seaweed. It’s AWESOME.

The broth after eating most of the contents.

My work here is done.



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