Ramen Hero Umami Shoyu

With the DIY ramen kits that are available through ramenhero.com, anyone can enjoy a delicious homemade bowl of ramen.  The kits come with broth, noodles, and some base toppings.  You provide your own seasoned eggs and add on any other toppings as you desire.

This was my favorite bowl from Ramen Hero so far. Delicious flavors. Check out my prep comments below and my video that shows just how easy these kits are to do in your own kitchen.

In order to make these homemade kits, you want to have the following kitchen items:

Two cooking pots. One for heating the broth. Another for cooking the noodles in boiling water.

A strainer for draining the noodles.

A pair of tongs to pull noodles out of stainer to individual bowls.

The Ramen Hero kit of your choice. Order from Ramen Hero.

Before you start cooking, I suggest you prep like this:

Cook and peel your egg. You can cook your egg how ever you like, but I prefer soft to medium soft center. To get that soft center, bring one pot of water to a rolling boil. Gently place your eggs at set a timer for 6 minutes. Once timer is done, remove from water and cool in an ice bath. I find that the longer you let the egg cool, the easier it is to peel without breaking the egg.

Cut the toppings packages that are provided with your kit and keep the contents to the side.

Start cooking:

Run the frozen bag of broth under warm water till for 10 seconds. Or just enough to allow you to cut the top of the bag open. Put the broth contents in a pot and bring to a simmer.

Once your broth is simmering, you can cook the noodles.

Drop your noodles in boiling water and cook for 1 minute and 30 seconds.  Stir gently while boiling to break up the noodles so that they cook evenly.  Drain your noodles.

Put your broth in a bowl, gently add your noodles, and garnish with the toppings as you like.  Make sure you make it look pretty. We eat with are eyes first after all.

Check out my latest production.



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