Japanese Kitchen Dosunco in Tampa Florida

When you are visiting Tampa you’re probably thinking of Cuban or seafood. Ramen is the last thing comes to people’s mind. But, there are a handful places that are focusing on our favorite bowl of broth and noodles. Japanese Kitchen Dosunco is in the West Shore Plaza area on Kennedy Blvd. I went here because I was craving some miso ramen when I was visiting family for Christmas.

In addition to the noodles we order gyoza and karage. The I had the spicy miso ramen. The broth had a slight sour note to it that reminded me of a tomato based broth. Don’t let the word “sour” scare you off from this place. It was good ramen. Plus, they have numerous types that will fit most palates.

On the web @ http://dosunco.business.site/


Below are the ramen musketeers.

The gyoza

The karaage. Came out piping hot and the spicy mayo sauce was great. I love mayo.

This is the Spicy Dosunco Ramen

They offer bibs to protect your clothing when slurping.

My dad is the local in these parts. You can find more of his non ramen reviews of local bay area establishments on yelp. Check him out. Today, he is representing all you ramen “slurpers” out there…

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