Tokyo Style w/out soup @ Killer Noodle

I’ve been here several times. I’ve made more return visits here than any other location at this point.  This place never disappoints. You can read about my other visits here, here, and here.

I ordered the Tokyo Style w/o soup this time and I really enjoy it.  This is my first time having the soup less version of it.  It starts with chicken and pork broth, chili oil, sansho pepper, sesame sauce, peanut butter, ground pork, cashew nut, pickle and green onion. I enjoy this because of the sesame and peanut butter flavors.

The killer noodle menu.

I recommend that you add all of the add-ons. An egg, cilantro, and sliced pork.

After adding the toppings, this is what your bowl will look like.

Make sure you mix up all those toppings really well.

Killer Noodle

2030 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025


Monday – Sunday, 11AM–9:30PM