Vegetarian Ramen @ Killer Noodle

This vegetarian ramen option comes from an unusual suspect in the Los Angeles ramen scene. Killer Noodle is the king of bowls that leave your mouth on fire and completely numb. This particular bowl will deliver none of that, which is a good thing.

The Vegetarian “Vege” Ramen is a soy and ginger base soup with green onion, bean sprouts, cabbage, fried onion, sesame seed, ginger, and garlic. The noodles are long, round, medium thickness, and smooth in texture. This makes for a perfect pairing with the soy and ginger soup.

What sticks out with this bowl comes from the use of fried onions and a healthy dose of white and black pepper on top. The fried onions and pepper are used in the just the right proportions to give us enough of their flavor while not overwhelming you.

The Vege bowl has a far different look to it when compared to the three signature styles known as Orginal, Tokyo, and Downtown.
Upon closer inspection of the toppings, you can see the fried onions, white, and black pepper sprinkled on the top. These toppings gave this bowl a great flavor profile with every slurp of the noodles.
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