Quartz Ramen @ Rakkan Ramen in Redondo Beach

With the current COVID-19 situation it’s difficult to enjoy Ramen like you are supposed to. Many shops don’t have any outdoor seating and with the current restrictions on dine in eating it can be difficult to get that experience. But, one of my favorite shops does have good outdoor seating options.

Rakkan is known for their broths because they all start with olive oil and vegetables. This means that they can turn all of their bowls into vegan or vegetarian friendly. Luckly for me, I have no such dietary restrictions and eat what ever the F* I want :).

Practicing dine in on the patio with my American mask.
I ordered the bottom bowl in this photo. This place is great if you are with a group of people that are interested in different styles of ramen.
It’s really a delicious bowl. It’s got a light yellow and creamy looking broth. The noodles are Rakkan signature. If you look closely you can see the wheat in the noodles.
This is topped with an egg, bamboo shoots, scallions, and pork.
I crushed this bowl. Next time I come back I’m going to order this but make it vegan friendly so that I can compare the difference.