Lamb in Lava @ Kazan in Beverly Hills

Kazan has 8 pricey bowls to choose from. This, being my second visit I decided to go with #7. It’s the only spicy bowl they serve and it comes with with lamb chops. It’s called “Lamb in Lava”.

This bowl has two different sizes of noodles in it. Both are flat, but one is noticeably larger than the other. Normally, you’ll be served one size of noodles.

The bowl is heated directly over the stove top flame, so this comes out boiling hot. It reminds me of a Mongolian hot pot. Be careful when consuming or you will burn your mouth. The broth is a mix of spice and cilantro. With some peppers piled on top.

The lamb chops were pretty good too.

Lamb in Lava is #7 on the menu
From a distance. The noodles on the left were served with my wife’s dish. The noodles on the right were served in the Lamb in Lava.
Up close you can see the flat noodles on the right very well.
Check out the large flat noodles covered in peppers, cilantro, and broth.
This is what comes out. You can see the lamb chops sticking out. Piled high with cilantro and some peppers. I didn’t dare to eat the peppers.

If you head over to my Instagram, you can see the videos I took of this. I think you’ll enjoy.

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