Lobster Ramen @ Hinoki & the Bird in Century City

It’s currently Dine LA time in Los Angeles. It’s a two week event in which restaurants from all over LA put together their own pre fix menus. This allows us patrons to enjoy a lunch or dinner menu that has been hand picked by each restaurant. It’s pretty rare to see any ramen shops or ramen on the Dine LA website. But, it looks like some ramen has made an appearance this time around.

Behold, the lobster ramen brought to us by Hinoki & the Bird in Century City.

You can see the lobster, seaweed, egg, and scallions on top. The broth was really light and became really spicy with just a little of the chili oil that came on the side. It had slightly sweet and ocean flavor to it because of the lobster. You are provided with a healthy portion of thin noodles. They were really easy to slurp up.
To prove it’s lobster, I pulled out the claw for you to see.
I crushed it.

All in, I probably wouldn’t recommend this bowl considering it’s price. It’s right for the area, Century City, which is home to many professional services and law offices. But at $28 I don’t think it’s worth it. However, the rest of the menu items that we ordered were really amazing. So come here for everything but the ramen. It sort of feels like the ramen is an after thought here.

Pro tip, when you come here, I highly recommend using the valet. We waisted a lot of time trying to self park in one of the nearby parking garages.

If you want to pay more than $20 for a bowl of noodles, I would point you to Kazan in Beverly Hills. They are worth the price.