Yuzu Shio Ramen @ Kizuki Ramen and Izakaya

On a recent weekend trip to Seattle I checked out this place. They have a pretty expansive menu and you should be able to find a style of ramen that fits your mood.

This occasion, I was looking forward to trying the Yuzu Shio. Yuzo is a Japanese citrus. It’s a little rare to see something like this on the menu, so I had to try it.

It was a cold and overcast day in Seattle. This location is about a 25 minute walk from the famous Pike Place Market.

It’s also right down the street from the Starbucks Reserve. Even if you don’t like Starbucks, I def recommend that you check out the Reserve. It’s a huge space where they are roasting coffee beans, holding classes on coffee, and serving up unique blends of coffee and drinks that aren’t available in regular Starbucks. I had the featured coffee of the day which was a whiskey barrel aged cold brew. It was delicious.

Kizuki has several locations in the Seattle area. This one is in the Capital Hill location.

Thin slice of pork was a little too well done and thin for my preference. But I liked all the greens leafy veggies that topped the bowl. The soup was nice and light with just a hint of yuzu citrus. The egg was super soft.
Noodles were nothing to write home about. You do get to select from three types of noodles. Probably my least favorite part of this bowl.

I think most people will like this spot. It’s got a high number of yelp reviews so I’m sure people will continue to frequent this joint. Check it out for your self and tell me what you think.