Umemura in Gardena

This place is right across the street from Ramen Shack, which I’ve already written about here.  What sets this place apart is the fact that it’s a mix of Chinese and Japanese cuisines.  On their menu they state they’ve been a family run business since 1980. This place is keeping it old school with their “cash only” payment methods and producing ramen in an old style “taco bell” building.  Another ramen shop that I know that has repurposed another chains signature architecture is Marumen.

The Umani Ramen taste like a cross between chinese stir fry and shoyu ramen. That’s really the only way I can describe it.  It’s shoyu flavored ramen, oyster sauce, pork, and vegetables. The broth is thick, similar to a gravy.

The Mabo Ramen is pretty spicy.  The broth is flavorful, yet light.  If you like traditional mabo tofu dishes and ramen, you’ll like this. Both bowls of ramen are pretty large and will probably fill you up. I was full after the Mabo Ramen and I’m a larger eater. I recommend ordering you noodles hard cooked. The ramen comes out really hot and I found it a little difficult to even slurp up the noodles when it came out.

From the front

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