Ramen Shack Takumiya in Gardena

As of August 2020 this shop is closed. This location is now occupied by Tomizo Ramen.

Gardena isn’t usually high on the list of areas to visit when people come to visit LA. But, if you are looking for a strong bowl Jiro Ramen, then look no further.  This is the first time I’ve experienced this type of ramen.  It stands out from other bowls of ramen in that it is piled high with sprouts and lots of rough cut pork. The broth is like a gravy.  This bowl is not for the weak of heart.  Come with an appetite.

We arrived a few minutes before they opened @ 5:30pm and were required to wait out front. Notice the NEON sign is off.

As we waited, we noticed they are expanding. It appears that they are looking for staff. Ramen chef, cook, prep, and dishwasher positions are available. Full time and part time.  Maybe submit your resume???

They are open. Notice the NEON sign.

We review the menu. What to order?

Tonkotsu Ramen White and Jiro Ramen pictured.

How about a video of Jiro??? Oh yea.

I’m a member of the clean bowl club. It’s a yummy, but messy bowl of ramen. Don’t come here with your Sunday best shirt. Wear a dark beater shirt, because it will splash all over you as you consume.


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