Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle on Sawtelle Blvd

I came here with my friend Rich. He’s a good dude and loves ramen. He also has a badass camera that takes amazing photos. I’m jealous of it. He was gracious enough to share his photos of dinner with me so that I could post here.

Tsujita has 3 noodle establishments on Sawtelle Blvd and they are all within sight of each other. They each have their own focus. At this particular establishment, I went with their tsukemen.  The noodles were perfectly chewy and thick to soak up the pork and fish broth that is cooked for over 60 hours.  They also have a wide selection of traditional ramen.  I’ll be back…

On the web @ http://tsujita-la.com/

From the outside.

They are cash only, so keep that in mind.

Can you see that shopping center that is light up across the street on the left side of the photo?  That’s where Tatsu Ramen is and were one of my earliest posts was. Click here to read more.

Many of the following photos were shot on Rich’s recently purchased camera.  His photos are deeper and really show the details of what ever the subject of the shot is.  Here is the amazon link, incase you are feeling like you need to upgrade. I’m certainly thinking about it.

Getting a diet coke. I like drinking coke when eating rich broth. It’s a little acidic and great for cutting that rich flavor of the soup.

Check out the ceiling. Not sure what it is going on there.

On with the menu…..

I went with the pork tsukemen tsujita style on this visit.

I didn’t eat any ramen on this visit, but it looks like they have a strong menu for ramen.

Tsujita is killing it with all these locations in the area.

Now the tsukemen… Enjoy

Look at the pork. It melts in your mouth. So delicious.

Behind the scenes here with Rich taking photos of his noodles.

So serious….He is very focused here.

never leave noodles or broth behind….

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