Tatsu on Sawtelle Blvd

Sawtelle Blvd is packed with ramen shops. The ramen at Tatsu is of high quality.  But my ordering and waiting experience really took away from my overall view of this place.  You order at ipads outside and wait for at least 30 minutes. Then, once seated you wait for another 10 minutes before the ramen you ordered at the ipad is served.  What I’ve been able to observe in my two visits is that this place does a ton of “take out” orders.  This seems to consume most of their cooking, so diners have to sit and watch order after order after order get packed up for take out.  It would be smarter to prioritize orders for people dinning in.  Parking on the street during peak hours is challenging. They do offer free valet. I recommend this if you have to drive there.

On the web @ https://www.tatsuramen.com/


The Tatsu Ramen menu are available on the ipads outside that you order at prior to being seated.

This is the Red Ramen.  Tonkotsu broth spiked with sweet and savory red sauce. Served with ground beef.



This is the Soul Ramen.  Tonkotsu broth, black garlic oil (mayu) and sweet umami sauce. Served with ground beef and pork.

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