Tonkotsu Ramen @ Hakata Ikkousha in Downtown LA

I’ve visited the other two locations for Ikkousha. There is a Torrance and Costa Mesa location.  At this third location the ramen and karaage is just as good as the other locations.  This location is in the Little Tokyo area of Downtown.

This place has never let me down. I’ve been to all their locations. They crush it with their tonkotsu and their fried chicken (Karaage).

Another great thing about this chain is how you order.  The order sheet makes it really easy for people to get the perfect bowl of noodles they desire.

This seasoning salt they provide for the fried chicken is unbelievable.  I think it’s salt, onion powder, paprika, and chili powder.

How beautiful does this look. Creamy and silky broth. Hard, thin, and straight noodles. Big slices of chashu.


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