Hakata Ikkousha Ramen in Torrance

If you are craving cuisine from Japan, Torrance should be high on your lists of places to visit.  There is a very large Japanese community and naturally the quality cuisine follows.

Ikkousha is known for their pork broth. In fact, they have won numerous awards as evidenced when you walk through the door.  Their broth is delicious, rich, and uniquely frothy. It’s so good.

The other thing this place does well is the karage.  In fact, I think its the best in all of Los Angeles.  Scroll down to see more and why this place is amazing.

On the web @ http://www.hakataikkoushausa.com/

Outside with the bright green lights, you’ve arrived.

“Ramen Professional” on the door as a reminder for you. 🙂

The awards I mentioned above. Also, their various locations across the world.

Their menu. You can see the “frothy” delicious broth I mentioned before in their #1 best seller.

Besides their delicious ramen and karage, I really appreciate how you order. You circle the ramen you want and customize.  I like this method because it gives you total control over you ramen.  You don’t have to ask for server if they will “hard cook” your noodles. It’s already provided as an option.

This the hybrid shoyu ramen.

Now let’s talk about their karage. I mentioned initially they are doing it the best in all of LA. Yea, that’s a bold statement, but I really believe it.  You only get 3 pieces, but they are large. In fact, so large that they provide you with scissors to cut them into edible sizes.  What also makes the karage stand out is this salt that comes on the side. I’ll call it magic salt. It’s just mind blowing how much I like it. I dipped every bite of karage in it. I think it’s a mixture of white pepper, salt, and cayenne pepper.

Coming after the ramen and karage, you can see how small it is. It’s just ok.

Now on to their flagship ramen. It’s really delicious.  Deep pork flavor, medium soft egg, and they hang the meat over the sides of the bowl. A signature style for them.

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