The EAK Ramen @ EAK Ramen on Melrose Ave

EAK is known for the “IEKEI” style ramen. It’s a popular style of ramen that combines chicken and pork broth with thick round noodles and is topped with spinach, garlic paste, and onions. 


From the outside. It’s on a busy street.

Needed a beer on this hot day in Central LA.


Their gyoza has strong ginger flavor. I love it. Some don’t. To each his own.

Take a good look at this bowl. It’s got that signature IEKEI (aka EAK) look to it.  Rich and creamy broth, seaweed, garlic paste, onions, and spinach. 

The broth is a mix of chicken and pork and is pretty rich. You should bring your appetite for this bowl.  The noodles are chewy, round, and a little short.

Does this look or what?