Ramen Joint in Westchester

I love this place. It’s a place that I’ve been to most frequently at this point. It’s right down the street from LAX.  If you are heading to or from the airport for a flight, this could be a good pre or post flight option for you.

It’s a small place, they don’t serve beer, and have a compact menu. Their menu is great because it’s small and this allows them to focus on high quality ramen. They also write it on the wall and everyone uses the same menu.

They are closed on Mondays.

On the web http://www.theramenjoint.com/

You pull up outside and you’ll see this sign. How do you like my awkward pose?  I’m such a boss.

If they are open, you’ll see this.

What’s on the menu? Few options lets them focus on making nothing but high quality goods.

They torch their pork too. Which gives it a good texture on the outside. Plus, it’s fun to watch any food get torched. You can see in this picture the area of the pork that is a little crispy….. YUMMY…

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