7 most unique bowls of ramen in Los Angeles

I thought it would be a good idea to revisit my recent experiences with ramen in the Los Angeles area and highlight some bowls that are unique.  The following bowls are something out of the ordinary that I recommend trying.



Tsukemen at Tsujita Noodle Annex

Cilantro ramen at Jinya Ramen Bar

The Jiro at Ramen Shack

Cheese ramen at Yamadaya

Overload ramen at Shin-Sen-Gumi

Tokyo Style at Killer Noodle

Zebra at EAK Ramen

Do you think this look unique?







Tsukemen at Tsujita Noodle Annex

It’s unique because of the heavy use of garlic and back fat. Read my original post.



It’s unique because of the use of cilantro and lime. Read my original post

Ramen Shack

It’s unique because it’s a “mountain in a bowl”.  Read my original post.


Ramen Yamadaya

It’s unique because a primary ingredient is cheese.  Read my original post.


It’s unique because you can add tonkAtsu to your tonkOstu. Read my original post.

Killer Noodle

It’s unique because the peanut butter and sesame flavors.  Read my original post.


It’s unique because the broth is a blend of chicken and pork broths.  Read my original post.






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