Cheese Ramen at Yamadaya in Culver City

This place is always busy, but I’ve never had to wait very long to sit and order.  They cook their pork broth for 20 hours, which explains why it’s so delicious.  Yamadaya has several locations, each doing a little different ramen.  Previously, I reviewed their “Factory” store in Torrance.

The first time I came here I wasn’t sure what kind of ramen I wanted. Tonkostu or Shio. But, after looking over the menu I noticed something unique. Cheese Ramen.  It’s basically tonkotsu/miso broth that is pilled high with parmesan cheese.  Decision made.

This kind of combination may not appeal to ramen purists out there. But I really loved this.  It’s really rich and fatty.

On the web @

Located @ 11172 Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232

It comes with a side of garlic, green onions, and spicy sauce.




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