White and Red Miso Ramen @ Ramen and Tsukemen Tao in Buena Park

This place just opened. It’s a hike for those of us that live near the Marina. But, it’s worth the trip. I’ve already been here twice. I rarely return to a shop only after a week. But, after my first visit I had to come back.

To be clear, there is NO light ramen here. Both the bowls that I’ve had have a thick layer of oil on type. That’s the northern Japan style. It’s supposed to be that way. It’s done this way because in the winter you want to keep everything super hot, so that thick layer of oil serves a purpose.

They are bringing us a super rich miso flavored ramen. The chef is a gentlemen who trained under the Tsujita franchise for 10 years. For those of us ramen heads who are familiar with Tsujita in LA you will definitely see similarities.

This is the white miso. You can see the layer of hot oil that is sitting on top of the noodles and the rich miso blend. One slice of chashu is provided.

From a slightly lower angle you can see the layers of fat on the thick slice of chashu pork. You can kind of see the noodles. In the white miso they provide chewy yellow and slightly curly noodles.
Look at that delicious egg….Yummy.

Now on to the red miso. The red miso is a bit sweeter due to the fact that the miso paste is fermented with grains. White miso is fermented with rice.

If you look closely, you can see the richness of the broth.
In the red miso you are provided with long thick and flat noodles.
Look at the broth. This is great when your hunger is ravenous. I can’t wait to come back in the winter. This will hit the spot.