Chuka Soba @ Venice Ramen

Venice Ramen is one of the few places that prepares everything from scratch. Daily fresh soup, noodles, chashu, and gyoza. They are consistently delivering amazing ramen. When people ask me for recommendations this is one of the places that I short list for folks visiting.

On this particular visit I tried the Chuka Soba. I was really hungry so I added a side of pork belly.

Chuka soba uses a Chinese noodle instead of a ramen noodle. It’s a little thicker and chewier than many ramen noodles people are used to.

Tokyo Tonkotsu refers to the fact that it’s Tonkostsu (pork bone broth) paired with Soy sauce. This is commonly referred to as “Tokyo style” ramen.

They are doing everything by hand… that’s why this place is one of the best in LA.
The chuka soba. I added the braised pork belly because I was especially hungry. But, you don’t need it. Even the hungriest person will be satisfied with the chuka soba as it comes.
Can you tell the “Tokyo” style of the broth because of the brown color of the broth? This broth is super flavorful and won’t let you down.

This place is closed on Sundays and has limited hours during the other days. Parking can be a challenge. Check this place out and let them know I sent you.