Vegan White Miso Ramen @ Ramen & Tsukemen Tao

Another delicious vegan ramen option in Los Angeles is available at Ramen & Tsukement Tao. This bowl is hearty and healthy. You’ll have a smile on your face right down to the last slurp.

This is the regular size of white miso made vegan friendly. It’s topped with bamboo shoots, beansprouts, and scallions. It’s also paired with dark yellow, round, and chewy noodles.
Make sure you add the fresh cracked pepper, chili powder, and seaweed flakes that are on the table. You’ll love these additions to this bowl.
Yellow and chewy noodles
The white miso ramen menu
The red miso ramen menu
The Tsukemen menu

This bowl will be included in a future blog post that is entirely devoted to highlighting all of the best vegan/vegetarian ramen options available in Los Angeles. So make sure you check back soon for that list.

Ramen & Tsukemen Tao


Monday – Sunday 11AM–9PM


+1 714-699-1078