Spicy Yuzu Shio Ramen @ Kanpai in Los Angeles

Just down the street from LAX, there is this little gem. This is one of the options that would be great if you want something to eat before or after your flight.  Ramen Joint is another good choice near LAX.  Kanpai is not a dedicated ramen shop. It’s a full scale Japanese restaurant that serves up ramen. I’ve been here several times for other items on their expansive menu.  But finally, I got around to trying the ramen.

The one that I was particularly interested in trying was the Spicy Yuzu Shio. This is something that I’ve never had or seen on a menu so it was begging to be tried. This is very unique bowl of ramen.

On the web @ https://kanpai-sushi.net/

The ramen options. I’m going to try that gravy ramen next visit 🙂

The Spicy Yuzu Shio. What’s great about the Yuzu is that it gives this great citrus flavor. If you’ve never heard of Yuzu, read further here. The addition of the green peppers are how they achieve the spice.  I can’t tell if they are serrano or jalapeño. The chashu was thick and fatty.  Noodles were medium hard and round. I ordered the large size and it’s a lot of food. You def get your monies worth here.