My first ramen experiences

I’ve been asked on several occasions, “when did your love affair with ramen begin?” Well, let me take you on a journey back in time.

These are the earliest ramen photos that I have from the trip to Tokyo that changed my life. circa 2016.

This is from Tonchin in Ikebukuro – Tokoyo, Japan.  Look at that stick of butter on top. So good.

This is from Ichiran in Ikebukuro in Tokyo, Japan.

Gyoza… Along with loving ramen. I love gyoza. Me and my father pictured below waiting to FEAST on some gyoza.

Outside the ramen museum in Yokohama.  These noodles actually move up and down. How? Magic. Duh….

At the museum, you get to “create” your own ramen. After you’ve put your ingredients together you are given the opportunity for the photo shoot.  On my box it says “ramen zac”.  Look at that pro pose… I look like a boss…. A ramen boss. This was my moment of inspiration.

This is ramen from Setagaya in the Haneda airport. It was awesome.

Another cool thing about Setagaya is that they have this card that you get stamped every time you order a bowl.  Get it stamped 50 times in a year and they give you a plastic green card that entitles you to a free bowl of ramen for life… FOR life… That’s like ramen royalty status. Or like the getting the black american express card.  I have a really blurry picture of the card they have on display.

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