Deluxe Miso Ramen @ Ramen Sora in Las Vegas

This was my second time here. First time posting.

This place is known for delivering a Sapporo style miso. This means a rich and tangy miso broth and chewy yellow noodles. The miso is really mild, noodles were short and chewy. The chashu melted in my mouth. Topped off with freshly grated ginger on top.  

If you are in Las Vegas and you are a miso fan like me, you should def check this place out.

From the outside. It’s off a really busy road a few miles from the main drag in Vegas.

Miso ramen is my favorite.   You can probably see how rich the broth is and almost see that freshly grated ginger on top of the chashu.

On this zoom in, you should be able to see the grated ginger on top of the chashu.

You can see the noodles here being professionally pulled by yours truly.  You can also see me using my work camera on my tripod. It’s a another tool that I use to get all that delicious ramen content.

The chashu melted in my mouth. 

This is the corn butter miso.  Similar to what I ate, but no chashu and with corn and butter added. Also, delicious.