Kyouka and Anchovy Shoyu ramen at Kyouka in Toronto

I ordered the Kyouka ramen with regular richness and mild spice level. The broth was rich and flavor full. The Anchovy Shoyu ramen broth was bitter, as expected with anchovies in the broth. Both bowls of ramen had noodles that were flat and chewy.  They won’t make adjustments to the noodles. I’m not used to that, but I respect that they reserve the right to not change their noodle.

I recommend you hit this place up with visiting Toronto.

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From the front.

Some ramen tips for you.

They have lean operating hours, so plan accordingly.

This is the Kyouka Ramen. I ordered it as original and mild. It was amazing.

The karaage chicken wings. I’ve never had them bone in. Usually, they are boneless.  But these are delicious.

This is the anchovy shoyu that my wife ordered. The anchovies make it pretty unique, so she had to try.