Ramen Tatsunoya in Pasadena

Fantastic. Just fantastic ramen here. This is one of the few spots in LA that I know do their broth from scratch. That explains so much. If you aren’t starting with a strong broth, it doesn’t matter how good your noodles are or what toppings you add. Broth is the base and it’s gotta be good. Fantastic broth is clearly a core competency here.

There is always a line to get in. That’s a very good sign. If others are willing to wait, it’s got to be great.

Their service is also great. Everyone is very attentive to the patrons. In fact, two different servers tried to take our drink orders. That’s great team work by the servers for us ramen lovers.

Now, enough of my blathering, on with pictures.


Their menu is posted outside so you can decide what you want before you are seated.

I went with the spicy tonkotsu. It was fantastic.

Mark, Aka The Ramen Culture was in the area so we caught up over a bowl of the good stuff. He got the koku tonkotsu.

Mark busted his fingers playing dodgeball.  I did make eating a bit more challenging for him.

A little behind the scenes action.

Mark also has an excellent website. It’s the place to go if you want to find out where to eat ramen in japan. He’s linked to several widely respected sources.  He also has a blog where he writes about his ramen experiences. He is real life “ramen culture”.

I ordered the noodles cooked “hard”. They are fantastic.

My work here is done.

Mark introduced me to the manager and we all took a photo before leaving. It looks like one happy ramen family. LOL. I look forward to returning here.


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