Yuzu Chintan w/Gyokai @ Okiboru House of Tsukemen


[Update, as of August 2020 Okiboru House of Tsukemens Los Angeles location has closed. Another causality of Covid-19.  But, they do have an Atlanta location they are focusing on going forward. Check it out.]

This was the last bowl of noodles that I crushed in 2018. It’s a place that just recently opened up and it’s located in the China town district of Downtown Los Angeles.  “Tsukemen” is a dipping noodle. You are provided with a small bowl of dipping broth and cold noodles. This is different than ramen where the noodles and broth come to you together.

On the web @ https://www.okiboru.com

I love that this place is doing their own noodles and broth from scratch. Many places do not go to these lengths.

Some of the rules for eating Tsukemen.

This is the Yuzu Chintan w/Gyokai. It’s their signature dish. The broth is a light chicken, pork, and seafood base. Added yuzu, egg, chashu, bamboo shoot, scallion, spinach, and nori. It comes with ramen noodles, which are thinner than traditional Tsukemen noodles.  They have another Tsukemen dish that has a heavier broth and they serve thicker Tsukement noodles with that dish.

The citrus from the Uzu really stuck out and made this an enjoyable bowl. I would recommend going with the thick noodles though. The thin noodles were a little challenging to to pull apart and dip. They seemed to be stuck together.