Sapporo style miso @ Menya Shou

This bowl of miso is only served on Wednesdays. It’s a Sapporo style which means it’s got yellow chewy noodles and deep rich miso flavors. I love miso style ramen. In fact, it’s my favorite.

It was a cold rainy evening in Tokyo. This place really hit the spot.

From the outside

The machine

This sign indicates where they source their chickens from that are used in their non miso offerings.  People really come here for their chicken shio ramen.  

The miso. With freshly grated ginger on top.

The shio that my wife ordered. It had a deep chicken flavor to it.  This is what people normally come here for.

You can seem them preparing another round of broth. They were really filling the the pot with raw goodies.

I just found this video on YouTube. It’s a pretty good video on this location and they go into the chicken shio bowl in details.