Michelin star ramen @ Tsuta

This was the first ramen shop to receive a coveteted Michelin star. Ever since then, the shop gets alot of attention.

They only serve a limited number of bowls during the day. If you want to eat during the day you need to arrive at the shop between 7am and 8am to provide a deposit and receive a colored ticket. The color of the ticket indicates what time in the afternoon you can come back and wait in line. You can also come after 5 without a ticket, but you may spend more time waiting in line.

I recommend that when you have a free day, you get up early, get a ticket, and find some activities that can keep you busy for a couple hours. Activities like checking out some parks, shopping, or getting a massage will give you flexibility to kill some time while you wait for your time slot to approach.

Outside the shop

The tickets and their system explained. You’ll provide them with a 1000 yen deposit that you’ll get back when you are about to actually enter the shop to eat.

I got light blue tickets, so we came back around noon.

Their entire menu. What I ordered and what got the Michelin Star was the item on the upper left hand corner.

They sell souvenir ramen that you can cook at home.

This is what got them their award

Here it is…. It tastes as premium as it looks.  They have a lot of signs saying don’t take photos and videos. Everyone around us was taking videos.  I think they just want people to enjoy the ramen and not spend so much time trying to take photos. I took a couple of shots and dived in.

I definitely give this place a thumbs up.